I. sample sam‧ple 1 [ˈsɑːmpl ǁ ˈsæm-] noun [countable]
1. a number of people or things chosen from a large group to take part in studies that provide information about the whole group:
sample of

• Of a sample of executives in 600 companies, 15% had no plans to do business in the EU.

• The survey was based on a random sample (= a number of people or things chosen without knowing anything about them ) of households from all income groups.

• The agency interviewed a representative sample (= a specially chosen group including several different types of people ) of 1,003 people in the city.

ˈquota ˌsample MARKETING
when a market is divided into different groups by age, sex, area etc, and a sample is then taken from each group, to reflect what percentage of each group is in the total market:

• The quota sample can avoid the kind of gross errors made by attitude surveys in the past.

2. MARKETING a small amount of a product that people can use or look at in order to find out what it is like:

• He used the product after receiving a free sample in the mail.

• We were shown some sample pages for the new book.

3. a small part or amount of something that is tested in order to find out something about the whole:
quota sample of

• A sample of the water showed that it contained high amounts of sodium.

ˈjudgement ˌsample also judgment sample ACCOUNTING
a number of items in a company's accounts that an auditor (= an accountant from outside the company) examines in order to decide if the accounts as a whole are correct
  [m0] II. sample sample 2 verb [transitive]
1. to ask a group of people chosen from a larger group questions, in order to get information or opinions from them, so as to better understand the larger group:

• Four different groups of adults were sampled for the survey.

2. to try a small amount of a product in order to find out what it is like:

• Here's your chance to sample our latest product.

* * *

sample UK US /ˈsɑːmpl/ noun [C]
COMMERCE, MARKETING a small amount of a substance, product, etc. that shows someone thinking of buying it what it is like: »

a carpet/fabric/product sample


Write to us and we will send you a free sample.

MARKETING a group of people chosen from a larger group, who give their opinions, answer questions, etc. in order to provide information about the whole group: a sample of sth »

A sample of three HR Managers and 30 employees was selected and interviewed.


The marketing poll was conducted by telephone among a representative sample of 1,136 adults.


a large/small sample

a small amount of a substance or product that is tested to find out whether it is good, whether it contains a particular substance, etc.: »

The investigation into tainted pet food has grown to include tests of 700 samples.


The next step will be to build a few dozen samples of each device and send them out for testing in both urban and rural settings.

See also JUDGMENT SAMPLE(Cf. ↑judgment sample), QUOTA SAMPLE(Cf. ↑quota sample), RANDOM SAMPLE(Cf. ↑random sample), SALE BY SAMPLE(Cf. ↑sale by sample)
sample UK US /ˈsɑːmpl/ verb [T]
COMMERCE, MARKETING to try a small amount of a product, or try a service for a short time, in order to see whether you want to buy it: »

On a typical overseas tour, a buyer could sample 120 wines in a day.


They are recruiting 2,500 telephone customers to sample the service for 12 months.

MARKETING to ask for the opinions of a number of people chosen from a group, in order to get information about the whole group: »

The survey sampled 150 chief executives from both large and small companies.

to test a small amount of a substance or product to find out whether it is good, whether it contains a particular substance, etc.: sample sth for sth »

Before the food can be sold to markets and stores, the FDA samples goods for defects.

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